This  web site is for all 90th entry R.A.F Locking Aircraft Apprentices.

The following pages of information have been taken from the 90 A/A Association year book for the year 2000. It lists members names, "last three" and trade where known. Addresses have not been made available and will not be without the person's agreement. The same rule will be applied to email addresses. If you are willing to allow your address,both home and email and phone number to be shown on the list please contact me. Some members have never been traced since we left Locking and again it would be nice to have any information regarding them.

The 90th entry Assosciation was wound up at the final formal re-union held in Weston, on the weekend of the 20th-21st September 2008, to celebrate 50 years since we joned up. Hopefully this web site will enable us to keep in touch on an informal basis.

If you can update any of  the information  then please contact me

In Memoriam

Name Number Trade Notes
BULLOCK ( Dave) George Medal 809 Ground Wireless Helicopter Winchman. Drowned during rescue 1980
LODER M.(Herbie) 795 Ground Wireless Killed in motor accident 1962
LONG A.P.G (Tony) 797 Air Radio Helicopter Pilot. Killed in helicopter crash Belize: 1976
NELSON  (Cecil) 859 Died 1993
NIEDER (Roy) 946 Air Radio Killed in motor accident : 1963
PLOWMAN (Roger) 909 Died 1993
WHARMBY R.J (Dick) 896 Air Radio Group Captain (Retired) Died November 1999
BURVILLE (George) 811 Ground Wireless Died 24th December 2000
CLINGAN B.R (Bernie) 757 Air Radio Died 2007:
BALDWIN A.M  (Tony) 808 Air Radio Died 4th September 2000
BAKER K.L (Ken) 850 Ground Radar Died 2004
WILLIAMS C.Y (Colin) 898 AirRadio Died 2005
HEAD D (Derek) 774 Ground Radar Died April 2009
JONES C  (Cliff) 784 Died  5th May 2009
LITCHFIELD   (Rod) 792 Ground Radar Died June 2009
RICKINSON John  (Rick) 881 Ground Radar Died 18th March 2011
STONE C.A.R  (Colin) 878 Ground Wireless Died Early May 2011
TUFFERY P.E  (Paul) 934 Ground Radar Died 11th January 2012
GRANT N.W.B  Neil (Taff) 837 Ground Wireless Died July 2012
MILNE A  (Artie) 847 Air Radio Died October 2015
ALEXANDER J.M (Jock)805Ground WirelessDied November 18th 2016
STEVENSON (Keith)875Ground WirelessDied February 2017
GRAY J.H (John)839Ground RadarDied December 2017
LINN (Barrie)793Ground WirelessDied May 2016
FELL (Geoff)824Air RadioDied March 2019
STANDEN (Jack)871Ground RadarDied March 2019
ROWLEY  (Pete)944Ground RadarDied 23rd September 2019
SPEECHLEY (Graham)941Ground WirelessDied 24th September 2019
MOORE J.M (John)850Air RadioDied 1st January 2020
BARNES P.S (Syd)749Ground Radar Died 11th March 2020
FEIST A.J.E (Arthur)823Ground RadarDied August 2020
MILLS C.G (Clive)856Air Radio Died September 2020
MASTERMAN K.D (Keith)901Ground RadarDied June 2021
BICKERTON D (Dave)754Air RadioDied October 2021
JONES D.M (Dave)925Air RadioDied March 2022

Geoffrey (Geoff) Fell – 90th Entry
Geoff Fell sadly died on 31st March 2019 having been diagnosed with acute leukemia.  At Locking Geoff was a keen athelete with his best event being the high jump.Geoff also played Basketball, representing the Apprentice Wing and winning the Apprentice and Boy Entrant competition twice and also beating the Army and Navy Apprentice teams.On leaving Locking, Geoff was posted to Cranwell and whilst there suffered a motorcycle acident resulting in the loss of his right  leg below the knee joint. He was then posted to Laarbruch and 30 MU at Sealand and completed his 12 years service.  He continued at Sealand as a civilian until his retirement. He became the Treasurer of the 90th Entry Association throughout its 30 year existence, first celebating our thirty year anniversary in 1988 and then the 60th Anniversary in 2018. Until his death he lived near to 30 MU at Drury, North Wales and is survived by his wife Margaret and sons Martin and Nick.

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